5 Ways to Take Your Business and Personal Success to the Next Level

Doug Allen Live Events

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At Doug’s events you will not just learn proven, results-driven strategies.  You’ll be led through an experiential learning process that will completely wipe out the beliefs and conditioning that’s been holding you back.

The result is you will be able to go from making small, incremental improvements to making a quantum leap in the results you produce in life, faster than you ever thought possible.

“I had the great privilege to attend Doug Allen’s eSpeakers and Influence Bootcamp and was totally blown away by the quality content and Doug’s above and beyond dedication to his peer group.

Beyond live speaking the influence portion is going to add bottom line dollars to my business with its genius in the areas of negotiating, marketing, sales, copywriting and relationships.

This event was life changing…. Thank You Doug.” -Jason Nicholl, Thunder Bay, Cananda


Doug Allen Consulting

Get Doug’s Help! >>> If you have a business, or even if you’re just starting out, Doug can begin by preparing a comprehensive Needs Analysis that will pinpoint and prioritize the most important areas where you can create the biggest difference.Need help preparing a presentation?

You can also get 1-on-1 consulting to help you take your persuasion and influence skills to the next level.

The end result is you will have a new perspective based on years of experience combined and a way to solve your problems using tools and resources you might not even know exist.

“I just spent 4 days with Doug and it was a phenomenal experience.   I learned so much from Doug about strategies and the fantastic ways to get into state, and gratitude and thanks for what we do.   I can’t speak highly enough of Doug, and the things he’s done for Kaela and I.” -Emile Studham, The AussieX


Doug Allen Peer Group

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Do you feel like you’re so close to success, but there’s just some small piece you’re missing?

The Destiny Partnership peer group was created to help you break through to the next level.

How does it work?  Simple.

Doug has events every couple months with a core group of people who not only have the highest standards for themselves and the group, but who bring to the table business expertise from a variety of areas.

Past events have been in Iceland, California, Jamaica, New York, Germany, and Toronto.

“Doug Allen’s program has heart, warmth and compassion. It was worth the entire cost of Wealth Mastery. Totally unbelievable! A mindset adjustment toward financial freedom and a life of abundance in all areas.” -Richard Orwig, Rockaway, NJ


Doug Allen Products

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Since 2010 Doug’s done numerous multi-day, private seminars for his Destiny Partnership peer group.

The topics included marketing, branding, business systems, lead generation & list building, persuasion and influence, and leadership.

These events were NOTrecorded.

Instead, what Doug did was create training CDs and videos to give to his Destiny Partnership group for each event.

This core content that had been previously given only to the Destiny Partnership group is now being made available for a limited time as stand alone products.

“Doug, how can I ever begin to thank you for everything you’ve done for Emile and I.We’ve just finished filming Dragon’s Den after coming off a 4-day speakers bootcamp, and the things that you’ve taught us, and the things I’ve learned from the last 8-months with you have transformed my life undeniably.” -Kaela Bree, Toronto


More about Doug’s events >>>

In 1998, at the first Tony Robbins event Doug was ask to teach, he responded to a question by saying, “It’s not about making money.  It’s about making a difference.”

Since then Doug and his Destiny Partnership “family” have made giving “forward” one of the primary guiding principles.

From sleeping in the orphanages in Kenya to playing cricket with homeless children in Jamaica, every experience has been life-changing.

“Doug, you are a true friend and mentor.  Thanks for creating a better quality of life for all you meet.” -Chris Hendrickson, San Diego