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My $120,000 Guarantee

From The Desk Of Doug Allen La Jolla, CA 

September 3, 2018

As you may know, I now focus on almost exclusively on helping 7 and 8-figure businesses. To be candid and direct with you, I’m selective about who I work with. For the right person, I can dramatically increase revenues and guarantee profits unconditionally. As we both know, not everyone is the right person. However, the reason you’re reading this letter is because I suspect you might be one of those “right people” – but I’m not entirely sure. Some people say I’m too selective, but the reality is I refuse to work personally with anyone unless I can drive millions of dollars in increased revenue. That’s why only a few people have ever passed my litmus tests to be able to work with me. Those who have passed and decided to work together with me experienced dramatic results and hundreds of thousands, to millions of dollars in increased revenue.

Here’s what I mean:

  • I was hired by a $3.5 million a year consulting business in the financial industry. I designed and deployed one digital marketing campaign that generated $560,595 in new sales in 4 weeks. My fee was $95,000. Their first campaign ROI was almost 6:1 - in 4 weeks.  
  • I was hired by a $25 million+ a year professional services business. I designed and deployed one digital marketing campaignto create a new $1.1 million annual profit center. My fee was $45,000 + bonus. Their first year ROI was almost 9:1.  
  • I was hired by a $5 million+ a year professional services business. I designed and deployed one paid advertising system that increased annual sales by 73.3%, or over $3,523,098.23 the first year. My fee was $60,000 + bonus. Their first month ROI was 4.5:1.  
  • I was hired by a $40 million+ a year professional services business – I designed and built a lead gen/conversion funnel that decreased their cost per lead from over $132.42 per lead to under $33.49 per lead. I increased the conversion rate of paid traffic from 3.7% to 18.4%. I increased their net income with thisONE campaign by over 300%.  
  • I was a managing partner in a hedge fund. I designed and deployed a digital marketing systems that helped take the fund's assets under management from under $2 million to over $100 million in less than 2 years.  
  • I was hired by a professional services business with zero income from online marketing sales. I designed and deployed a paid traffic and conversion system that brought in an 11:1 ROI per day.
  • I was hired by a $500,000+ per year financial consulting company. I created one campaign that brought in over $161,595 in sales in 4 days. Their total cost to run the campaign was $18,500. The ROI on this one campaign was over 8:1 on their first deployment.

And with each one of these clients, not only did they make a huge ROI on their investment – they STILL own the digital marketing campaign assets that they can deploy over and over.  

Plus - they still own the list of new leads and customers.  

I have a short list of clients – because very few people ever pass my qualifications. However, if you DO qualify to work with me, what might be possible for you?  

In reality, if you ARE the right person, I can create results like these for YOU. 

So Let’s Determine Right Now If You’re The Right Person Or Not.

Naturally, I only want to work with you if I know I can come in and build a promotion that brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars for you. 


Here’s the reason – again, candidly and directly:  

If I don’t produce results and make you hundreds of thousands of dollars, I don’t get paid in a way that makes the engagement worth my while.

Here's How It Breaks Down:

My retainer is $100,000 to start and 25% of the upside I create for you. And if you don’t get at least $300,000 in additional sales within 180 days of working with me, I’ll return the entire fee plus $20,000 just to guarantee your experience was profitable. 

So, as you can see, the fee is ultimately free because the bulk of my revenue comes from the increased sales I create for you. 

The criteria to qualify to work with me is steep, because if we work together, you WILL make money. As you saw above, I absolutely guarantee it.

Now, Below, Read My “10 Point Private Client Criteria” Carefully, And Determine If You’re The “Right Person” Or Not…

1. If you sell “get rich quick” – DO NOT APPLY 

2. If you’re in the Biz-Op – DO NOT APPLY 

3. You MUST have an average customer/client value of $1,000 and up – and – you MUST have forward momentum already. 

4. You MUST have a list. 

5. You MUST have the ability to support a large increase in sales volume. 

6. You MUST be currently advertising. 

7. You MUST be willing to invest in additional advertising. 

8. You MUST have an existing base of happy customers. 

9. You MUST have good products and a good reputation. 

10. You MUST use what I put together for you. If you meet all 10 of my criteria, here’s what you can expect. I’ll be engineering and blueprinting a new "cash windfall" system for you. I'll be engineering money in your bank in a way that's allows your operations to handle the new sales. I'll do everything I can for you. I'll be writing your copy, your emails, your advertising, scripting and helping you with your videos, get you referral partners – you name it.  

This gets you everything. It gets you ME. 

As I said, my fee is $100,000 + 25% of the upside I create for you (minus refunds) …and, again it costs you nothing: You will at least TRIPLE your investment with me or I’ll give you 100% of your money back plus $20,000 to ensure your experience was profitable.  

No matter what happens, you make money. 

And if I don’t believe we will bring in at LEAST $300,000 together, I won’t take you on as a client.  

In fact, $300,000 in profits in the next 6 months is the bare minimum to get me interested (and it shouldn't be that interesting to you either.) 

What really interests me are the 7-figure wins that are repeatable, at least annually, if not more frequently.

How Will I Know If I Can Help You?

Here’s how - CLICK HERE NOW to fill out an application.  

You’ll see a series of questions about your business. Answer them as accurately as possible, and be absolutely sure your contact information is correct. 

Regardless of whether or not I think we’re a good match, you will hear back from me in 24 hours as a matter of courtesy. 

If I do think we’re a match, we will set up a phone call, create a game plan, and go from there. 


Doug Allen 

P.S. Please know that this is a very time sensitive offer.  

I am only accepting 1 new client – and I’ve already received applications from three business owners. In order to get on my schedule, I need to hear from you immediately. Otherwise, you’ll be on the waiting list forever. 

Click here now so you can apply.  


P.P.S. Worried that there's nothing special or unique about your business to make this work for you?  

No need to worry. 

If I think you're a good fit for this first thing I do is make sure you're positioned as the #1 celebrity/authority in your specific market. 

You can learn how I do that on a short training videos I just uploaded for you. 

The first video is the "3 Big Things" to for my high-end clients. 

The other videos are case study videos showing you exactly how I made the money for my clients.

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